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Kiwi rainy is very important in rainy season
Aug 29, 2017

Summer is the key period of kiwifruit fruit growth, but also the formation of fruit quality of the critical period, management should pay close attention to tree management, regulating nutrition growth and reproductive growth contradictions, and promote the formation of fruit quality. It can be seen, kiwi plastic surgery is very important.

1. Strictly thinning. 15 days after the beginning of the fall to the bag before the fine thinning 2 to 3 times, in accordance with the "stay excellent to bad, stay big to small, stay dilute to the secret, leaving the middle to the base" principle, to avoid the pollination of round fruit , Deformed fruit or weak fruit, overlapping fruit, pests and so on. Generally long fruit branches fruit 4 to 6, moderate branches and leaves fruit 2 to 3, short fruit leaves fruit 1 or not stay. The spacing of 3 m × 4 m of the fruit of the fruit plant per plant no more than 400 fruit, spacing 2 m × 3 m of the fruit of the fruit plant per plant no more than 200 fruit,

2. wiping buds topping. According to the characteristics of the growth of rhesus monkeys, to take early wiping buds, timely topping, long branches and short shear measures, to its many pruning. In the bud, the position can be improper or dense buds erase; on the growth of the orchard grow strong results in the results of the site above the left 7 to 9 leaves topping, the first topping after the second branch, Stay 3 to 4 leaves topping. On the third branch of germination to stay 2 to 3 leaves topping, on the culture of leggy branches or nutrient sticks l0 ~ l2 leaves topping, pest branches, thin branches from the base of the thinning.

3. Strengthen fertilizer and water management. Summer fertilizer should be a small number of times, in principle, to avoid the application of high concentrations of chemical fertilizers, and disable ammonium fertilizer. In early June the expansion of fertilizer application of three elements of compound fertilizer 1 kg, with the trace element fertilizer 0.5 kg, the end of July and early August fertilizers fertilizer 40 kg. The amount of fertilizer applied in the early orchard is reduced. Fertilization position from the trunk 80 to 100 cm, fertilization depth l5 ~ 20 cm. After each fertilization, full irrigation. Bagging every 10 days after spraying 1: 1 times biogas slurry or amino acid nutrition leaf fertilizer 500 times, a total of spray 3 times. In case of high temperature and drought, should be 11 o'clock or 4 pm after the lower temperature when the irrigation.

4. Fruit bagging. Generally use 12 cm × 16 cm single layer paper bag. Bagging time: Hongyang 6 months late. Jinyang, Xu Xiang in mid-July, Hayward in late July to early August. Bagging before the strict fruit and spray a highly efficient insecticide and calcium fertilizer.

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