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Kiwi- the king of Victoria C's reputation
Apr 07, 2017

【Name】: Kiwi

[Alias]: peach, kiwi fruit

【Pinyin】: mí hóu táo  

[Nature]: cold

[Taste]: sweet, sour

[Meridian]: spleen, stomach

[Effect]: heat Sheng Jin, spleen diarrhea, thirst thirst diuretic

[Appropriate]: loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea and vomiting, Fanre, jaundice, Diabetes, urethral stones, hernia, hemorrhoids, cancer, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease,

[Taboo]: diarrhea, diabetes

【Features】: the king of Victoria C's reputation



1. Anti-cancer: eat barbecue food can make the incidence of cancer increased, because the barbecue food will be in the body after the nitration reaction, resulting in carcinogens. And kiwi fruit rich in vitamin C as an antioxidant, can effectively inhibit this nitrification reaction to prevent cancer;

2. Antidepressant: The latest medical research shows that adult depression has a physiological basis, it is related to a lack of brain neurotransmitter. Kiwi fruit contains the promotion of the spirit of a stable mood, the role of sedative mood, and it contains natural inositol, contribute to brain activity, it can help the melancholy people out of the emotional downturn;

3. Lobster: Kiwi has a good dietary fiber, it can not only lower cholesterol, promote heart health, and can help digestion, prevent constipation, rapid removal and prevention of harmful substances accumulated in the body.

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