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Kiwi-The rapid domestication of emerging fruits(1)
Apr 07, 2017


Every year from September to October, is the picking period of kiwi fruit in China, mature and full of kiwi from the wide soft leaves in the probe out of the dense turns covered with vines, forming a pleasant orchard orchard landscape. Prior to large-scale commercial cultivation, kiwifruit has been used as a horticultural ornamental plant in China. Tang Dynasty poet Cen Shen "Taibai Dongxi Zhang Lao She is the matter, set siblings, etc." a poem, there is "the courtyard bar, a kiwi" such a sentence, which is the first time the name of kiwi in the books Among them.


Kiwi is a big family This piece of kiwi family of large photo may subvert a lot of people understand the shape of kiwi fruit: oval fruit, Pan-green brown skin wrapped in a layer of small villi. According to the "Chinese Flora" records, there are 55 species of kiwifruit plants around the world, at least 52 species in China. However, people often see To and eat kiwi is just two kinds of kiwi genus: delicious kiwi and Chinese kiwi. this is Currently cultivated up to two varieties, in the global context, delicious kiwi planted area of about 85% Chinese kiwi about 15%. Jujube kiwi and kudzu kiwi have a small amount of cultivation, while other varieties are almost no domesticated wild species.

China's many types of kiwi, widely distributed, south to Guangdong and Guangdong and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, north to the three northeastern provinces, are kiwi plants are the natural distribution. The main producing areas of kiwi fruit are concentrated in Sichuan Ya'an - Dujiangyan line, Shaanxi Qinling Mountains to the south of the Weihe River, Henan Funiu mountain area and Guizhou, Hubei, Jiangxi, Fujian, Zhejiang and Hunan provinces and other places.


Shaanxi is the largest province of kiwifruit production in China, the province's kiwifruit production in 2011 accounted for 60% of the total output. Zhouzhi County, Shaanxi Province and Meixian County is the world's largest kiwifruit production base. This area is full of light throughout the year, the sunshine hours of 1900 hours or more, the terrain is relatively flat, the annual distribution of rainfall evenly, the growth season, the wind is light, moderate soil pH, there is no low temperature damage and hail and other disaster weather, Of the eugenic area

Article from: China National Geographic

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