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Kiwi winter cut to be three accurate
Aug 28, 2017

Time to be accurate

Winter kiwi pruning time should be from the fruit trees after 10 to 15 days from the beginning, from mid-December to the end of the beginning of the year before the end of spring. Winter cut the best time for the winter before and after about 20 days, the time should not be too early should not be too late, the best in the fine weather pruning. If the cut too early, the nuts on the branches to the root of the return is not over, it will cause a lot of waste of storage of nutrients; if too late, the next year when the buds germination, resulting in a large number of injuries, germination.

Pruning the object to be accurate

Winter cut according to the variety, age, tree strength, geological conditions, the level of management and the level of different targeted, not blind. Mainly reasonable pruning kiwi fruit results of the mother branch, a comprehensive removal of dead branches, thin branches, pest branches, overlapping branches, branch branches and the use of the value of the roots of germination branches and no cultivation of the future leggy branches, development branches , Pruning after the timely application of wound healing film to protect the wound healing, tissue growth, anti-bacterial infection.

Pruning parts to be accurate

More long, medium and short combination for a one-time stay long branches; short cut short cut for the long release, multi-bud branches less pruning.

On the results of the amount of branches, the line spacing of 3 × 4 meters, each plant to stay long branches 16 to 18; spacing of 2 × 3 meters, each plant to stay 6 to 8 branches. General Chinese kiwi fruit is greater than the delicious kiwi fruit. There is space to stay when the bronze medial fill, cut when the cut to stay full of buds. Leggy branches have space to stay 3 to 4 buds short stubs, issued by the new branches can grow and grow dry branches.

(About 8 to 12 buds), weak branches and less buds, the perennial branches to update the pruning, according to its aging parts, to take local Or whole plant update. Leaves, such as dead branches, pests, branches, cross branches and rhizosphere sprouts are cut from the base.

Single-stem double-tree (a font) pruning in the main vine every 25 cm to stay a long result mother branch, requires more than 8 buds, has been left to the edge of a lead wire, stretched out 2 to 3 buds "Bow" font results, expand the results of the surface. The crown has a thin bald space, make up to stay 2 to 4 buds results mother branch, forming a flat result. Hayward, Xu Xiang variety of the main vine on the results of the mother branch distance is generally 20 to 25 cm. After the pruning in accordance with the above-mentioned spacing tied vine, light transmission rate to be about 30%. The amount of branches, according to planting density to determine. Leggy branches have space to retain, no space from the base alienated, leaving no residual pile.

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