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Management techniques of kiwi fruit flowering
Jun 01, 2017

Pruning flowers


On the spring planting seedlings in the mariculture above the selected 2-3 full full of healthy buds cut, pruning time in the bud before the end of pruning.

2.Dumb buds

Kiwi fruit rate is particularly high, early buds, can save nutrients. When the buds grow to pea particles when the big start buds, combined with buds, while the green tree pruning branches. Before the branching, the first to know the results of branches and nuts, spring hair in the results of the mother branch can bear the results of the branches called the results of branches, hair in the results of the mother branches do not bear the results of branches called nutrition. Sparse leaves or leaves without buds, sparse buds and twigs on the trunk, sparse the results on the first buds and the last one buds, remove the pests and buds.

3. Assisted pollination

Kiwi flowering period is about 4 months late. Kiwi fruit from the difficult, should be carried out artificial assisted pollination. Artificial pollination can be done using dry powder and liquid.

Dry powder method, ready to pollen After 8 o'clock, with cotton balls or chicken brush brush on the pollen, light on the female flower stigma. Each dip once, can be granted 5-10 flowers.

Liquid method, the pollen, glucose, borax, water in accordance with the ratio of 5: 3: 2:20 mix well, so that the pollen can be fully suspended in water can be used, the same method of operation, spring drought recommended liquid method. 3-5 days before pollination, it can be based on the amount of load buds and flowers, in the flowering period to the foliage spray melon rhizome liquid, increase the amount of nutrients, self-regulation nutrition match.

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