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May is a busy season for kiwi fruit growers
May 09, 2017

When you peeled the kiwi peach skin with a fluffy hand, when you bite the juice with plenty of flesh, can you ever think about it in the process of growing up? Maybe you will say that as long as it is delicious on the line, as to how it grew up with me what is the relationship. If this is the case, but if you know more about this fruit, I believe you taste it when it will be another taste!


kiwi orchard is beautiful in May, why it is beautiful, because in this month, kiwi flowers will bloom, flowering over, fruit trees will grow a small Meng Meng Meng fruit. This time the fruit like a soybeans size, a grain of kiwi hanging on the branches, so that people will always pick up the phone to this lovely little fruit to take a photo sent to a circle of friends.

Look at the fruit on a grain of kiwi, you know they are actually subjected to a lot of screening to grow to the tree. The bud stage is the first stage in which they are screened. At this stage, the worker needs to perform a bud job on each fruit tree. The bud is from the fruit tree to take off part of the bud, why pick some of the buds? Because the bud too much, if not part of the removal, although the future can grow a lot of fruit, but these fruits are not big, taste is not good. More important that a little longer so many fruit, will fruit tree tired, affecting the overall life of fruit trees.


Of course, the bud is not just pick buds, the first is to remove the small weak buds, followed by deformed buds, vice buds and so on. Leaving those who are well-balanced, well-growing buds. 

Experienced after the bud stage, into the sparse flower stage, the purpose of flowers with the same buds, but in the process of flowers, will encounter some flowers with rot, like the flowers with the disease must be picked Down.


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