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Medicinal value of kiwifruit
Apr 20, 2017

Chinese medicine believes that kiwi sweet, sour, cold. Spleen, stomach. With antipyretic thirst, anti-cancer and stomach Jiangni, Tonglin and other effects. Applicable to Fanre, Diabetes, jaundice, Shi Lin, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

According to Cui Yuxi "food" records: and in the liver. Main jaundice, diarrhea.

Take flesh and honey fry, to Fanre, only diarrhea.

"Open treasure Materia Medica": only thirst, Jie Fu hot, under the stone shower. Heat obstruct the stomach, juice and ginger juice service. Can be raw food, or Jiao Ju suits, or peeled and honey decoction.


Modern research

Per 100 grams of edible part of sugar 11 grams, 1.6 grams of protein, lipid 0.3 grams, 300 mg of ascorbic acid, thiamine 0.007 mg, sulfur 25.5 mg, phosphorus 42.2 mg, chlorine 26.1 mg, sodium 3.3 mg, potassium 320 mg, Magnesium 19.7 mg, calcium 56.1 mg. Iron 1.6 mg and carotenoids 0.035 mg and actinidine.


Kiwi is a favorite fruit by consumers, the fruit tender and juicy, fragrance delicious, sweet and sour, nutrition is extremely rich. Its vitamin C content of up to 100-420g / 100mg, citrus, apples and other fruits several times or even several times, but also contains a lot of sugar, protein, amino acids and other organic matter and the human body needs a variety of minerals. According to the United States Rutgers University Food Research Center test, kiwi fruit is a variety of nutrients in the most nutritious, the most comprehensive fruit.

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