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Meixian kiwi fruit orchard with a special fertilizer machine
Apr 21, 2017

Recently, Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Meixian good agricultural and agricultural cooperatives developed a 11ZX-120A Ⅲ-1 rotary tillage fertilizer machine. Meixian existing kiwi 30 million mu, the county actively promote the production of kiwi line of advanced machinery, and guide the support of agricultural cooperatives, agricultural machinery to actively develop kiwi fruit production and key links in the urgent need for a variety of machinery to promote the county kiwi production mechanization Level.

Kiwi fruit trees in the spring fertilization need to dig the first farmers, and then walk artificial fertilizer, and finally buried fat. Large amount of fertilizer, more processes, time-consuming labor. The machine can be applied to granulation fertilizer, non-granular fertilizer, oil and other fertilizer and formula fertilizer, widely used, fertilization depth adjustable, and effectively solve the problem of fruit fertilizer farmers, farmers have been welcomed

Source: China Finance

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