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Meixian Qifeng fruit industry is how to layout its kiwi whole industry chain in HanZhong?
Apr 28, 2017

In many domestic kiwi enterprises, there is such a business, after 20 years of development, and now they are selling 50 million pounds a year kiwi fruit, sales is as high as 3 million. It is estimated that some people have guessed this business, yes, this is the Shaanxi Meixian Qi Feng fruit industry. Qi Feng fruit industry in Meixian not only a leading enterprise, it is a well-known enterprises, especially in Meixian kiwi fruit farmers.


Thanks to the general invitation of the distribution of Qi Feng fruit industry in southern Shaanxi, we went to Chenggu County, Hanzhong City to participate in the "Hanzhong Kiwi Industry Standardization Development and Order Agriculture Seminar" held by Qi Feng Fruit Industry, Bound for the bus in Xi'an, recalled the contents of the meeting throughout the afternoon, in addition to the Han Dynasty kiwi industry in the future development is full of longing for the situation, but also on the peak of the whole industry chain of fruit industry layout was deeply shocked.


The meeting has a city solid leadership mentioned in the Hanzhong in 1993 as early as the development of kiwi, to 1996-1997 reached a peak period, when the purchase price is as high as 3.5 yuan / kg, the price now see It is also very high. However, due to many external factors, since 1998 Hanzhong kiwi industry appeared to decline. Now the arrival of Qi Feng fruit industry, so many people to regain the confidence of the year.


  In Qi Feng fruit industry kiwi whole industry chain layout, kiwi cultivation is the whole industry chain is particularly important, but also the most basic part of a link. 2017, Qi Feng fruit industry sales target is to sell 80 million pounds of kiwi fruit, which 80 million jin kiwi from where, in addition to their own planting base, and the farmers are a shortcut. And settled in Hanzhong, Qi Feng fruit industry for its long-term development has laid a solid foundation.


And fruit farmers in fact is the order of agriculture, Qi Feng fruit industry and many of the experts and scholars of Western agriculture in-depth cooperation, to develop a system of kiwi high standard cultivation norms, according to the standard cultivation of farmers, priority and Qi Feng fruit industry Sign an order. After signing the order, relying on a strong technical force and improve the supporting system of agricultural resources, fruit growers only safe planting, until the fruit has reached the harvest standards, Qi Feng fruit industry for recycling.


Order agriculture is actually a win-win model, for the farmers, do not want to grow out after the sale can not afford to do? Only need to reassure the fruit trees; for Qi Feng fruit industry, as long as the farmers in accordance with this standard planted kiwi fruit, is certainly high quality, in line with corporate standards of fruit, but also consumers favorite products. Order agriculture, which is a business and fruit farmers have great benefits of the development model.

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