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Method of kiwi breeding
Sep 08, 2017

Kiwi fruit from the wild as intensive cultivation since its high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C can prevent high blood pressure, cancer and other chronic diseases is the international emerging rattan fruit, the development of kiwi farming industry is the key to master its seedling technology, today for everyone Introduce kiwi nursery technology.

First, seed nursery

1. seed collection selection of healthy mother tree full of mature fruit to be soft after the seeds and pulp separated from the dry after the dry.

2. Seed Treatment 40 days before sowing the dried seeds soaked in warm water at 45 ° C for a day and night. In the bottom of the pots on the pad of wet sand (to hand just to seepage water is appropriate) and then spread the seeds on the alternating layers of sand covered with oil felt.

3. Sowing the following year in early spring sowing before sowing base fertilizer. Fertilization per hectare 6 to 75,000 kilograms of water to fill the water after sowing seeds. Because the seeds of kiwi is very small, it is best to use the sieve fine nutrient soil mixing for the broadcast. Line spacing 15 cm sowing 20 cm per square meter sowing capacity of 1 g sowing with fine sieve covered with 2 to 3 mm and covered with straw so as to keep the soil moist.

4. After planting seedlings should be promptly peeled off the grass seedlings grow three true leaves of time seedlings planted. Miao 10 to 15 cm seedlings can be planted with soil transplanting. Seedling to thin fertilizer Qin Shi when the diameter of up to 0.5 cm can be grafted.

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