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Method of kiwi breeding (二)
Sep 09, 2017

Breeding seedlings

1. Grafting time: Kiwi the best grafting period in 6,7 two months premature or too late will make its survival rate decreased.

2. Grafting method: can be used to insert the tongue, splicing, abdominal access, bud and other methods. Among them, the survival rate of the buds was the highest.

3. After grafting management: germination of germination of new leaves in the interface after 10 cm above the cut anvil. Premature anvil on the rootstock is easy to take a new article and affect the development of buds; grafting late in the spring after the germination of the anvil after the germination of germination branches should be set up after the pillar tied to avoid breaking.

Cuttings and nursery

1. Cutting period: the best period of cutting shoots is in mid-June and mid-September at this time the growth peak of kiwi fruit has also avoided the summer hot weather.

2. Selection and treatment of cuttings: choose no pests and diseases, then the raw and semi-lignified branches for cutting each school to stay 2 to 3 buds to stay 1 to 2 leaves and leaves the leaves to cut half of the cutting The mouth should be close to the knuckles under the cut or oblique shear must be smooth and then use the root powder powder dip dip.

3. Slot preparation and post-insertion management: The slotting machine should be selected in the water source where the sand is used to fill the soil with a sieve sand and soil with a dexamycin or potassium permanganate. The Inserted at any time after the check to keep the humidity in the shed at 90% in the sunny day, the afternoon of the water once; after 20 days after the rooting of the root 25 days after the spray can be sprayed with 0.2% urea or potassium dihydrogen Cut 60 days after transplanting.

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