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Pest Control of kiwi fruits
Jun 03, 2017

1. ulcer disease

Local coating: before the injury period, the main (including the graft and so on all the dendrites), the main vine, all the fork, the results of the mother base 15 cm coating, you can choose thiamate cream, copper sulfate paste, Fungal paste and so on.

Pre-germination prevention and control: a serious disease in the park, about 20 days before the sprout spray 5 bimatric fossil mixture; incidence of light can be 7-10 days before the germination of the sea spur bio-stimulant foliage 800 times + Thiabendone 500 times.

Clear the onset of the disease: the beginning of the injury period, every 4-6 days the whole garden carefully examined once, found in the lesion twigs, 20 cm cut in the disease mouth cut. Brushed to cure the bacteria pus and sick skin. After the removal of the orchard to be burned or buried.

2. Root rot

Kiwi is a shallow root crop, water and fertilizer capacity is relatively weak, tree is easy to premature aging, so in particular to do the root of the care. A root rot of the park, at the end of February in early March, from the root distribution layer of soil, see the root is not exposed, with Hampered or gemcium root irrigation, irrigation after the cover of straw, not covered with soil. After half a month, with 200-300 times the sea elves biological stimulants pouring roots, adjust the soil environment, promote new roots.

3. Flower rot

Before and after the bud to pay attention to the prevention and treatment of rot. Respectively, in the bud stage, budding and near flowering, the frame and buds 

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