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Prevention of kiwifruit yellowing disease
Jun 21, 2017

Kiwi fruit has become a common disease in the production, the disease is mainly due to the high pH of the soil (alkaline) or soil heavy bicarbonate content is high, iron is fixed, the roots can not absorb the use; or soil iron Lack of cause. Second, the soil can be used when the drought is reduced, the lack of water absorption of the tree, affecting the plant roots of mineral elements absorption, especially with chlorophyll synthesis of iron and magnesium absorption. In addition, the kiwi root is fleshy root, the distribution layer is relatively shallow, the orchard operation is easy to hurt the root, thus affecting the moisture and iron and other nutrients absorption and transportation, but also prone to iron deficiency yellowing disease.

In the kiwi garden, should try to choose deep soil, fertile soil, good permeability of sandy soil block. Boiled in the already planted apple, pear, peach and other perennial trees in the stubble and soil sticky to build a garden, balanced fertilization techniques to increase the application of iron fertilizer; control of production, improve vitality, fruit period, the appropriate amount of fruit, Excessive, in order to maintain a robust tree potential; appropriate irrigation, change the water flood irrigation for small furrow irrigation or furrow irrigation, to avoid excessive irrigation, especially to guard against water, conditional drip irrigation technology can be used to adjust the soil pH, PH value of 7.5 or more alkaline soil, acetic acid solution and other acidic solution, appropriate to reduce the rhizosphere of the pH value; in the annual growth of pre-application of chemical fertilizers, ammonium sulfate or urea should be the main nitrogen fertilizer, Nitrogen and ammonium bicarbonate. Soil topdressing iron fertilizer, should be mixed with the decomposition of organic humic manure is appropriate; due to pathological factors induced physiological deficiency syndrome Huanghua tree, as soon as possible to cure root disease. It can induce the absorption, digestion and release of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and various trace elements in the soil, and can induce the virus to be assembled, and the general protection of the tree is aimed at disinfection and inhibiting the root virus transmission And leaves and fruits to ensure that the plant transport system health work to enhance the fruit development is positive energy, optimize the fruit quality.

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