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Qi Feng fruit industry combined with Cost-effective of Tmall to help farmers increase 16%
Sep 20, 2017

Alibaba Group fresh, cost-effective joint Qi Feng fruit industry initiated agriculture projects. September 12, in Meixian launched the "Qixin agricultural station 3, Meixian kiwi - Taibai Mountain under the 3000 hope" project, designed to help Meixian farmers through the Internet sales of kiwi fruit. September 14 at 10 am, Meixian kiwi through the day cat Qi Feng edge flagship store in the poly cost-effective start berserk. Less than a day, sales of nearly 150,000, total more than 100 million pounds, the event will continue until September 17. The event is the combination of the kiwi fruit of the leading enterprises Qi Feng fruit industry and Shaanxi provincial government at all levels of resources, co-sponsored, a lot of highlights.

Day of 80,000, witness Qi Feng Qiyou power supply chain supply strength

The influx of agricultural projects is very influential, as of get off work before, has sold 80,000 single, more than 150,000 goods, about more than 100 million pounds of kiwi fruit. The Qifeng fruit industry plans to launch the first day of 120,000 pieces of kiwi fruit, as the national electric business demonstration enterprises, Qi Feng fruit industry all armed, ahead of the preparation of the delivery program, combined Meixian Yun Da Express, etc. 8 cities straight With, greatly shorten the Qi Feng kiwi transit time, enhance the love of consumer experience.

Side picking, side delivery, Qi Feng Qi fruit control standards, fresh and delicious

Meixian is the eugenic area of kiwi, fertile soil of the Weihe River alluvial fertile soil, Taibai Mountain snow nourishment, coupled with adequate light and day temperature difference, the achievements of the Meixian kiwi unique taste and nutrition. September is Meixian kiwi ripe picking season, the activities of all kiwi are just picked from the orchard fresh fruit, but also the first batch of fruit in 2017. The kiwi are all in accordance with the strict standards of Qifeng kiwi implementation, Qifeng fruit industry general manager Qi Feng at the start of the commitment to the quality of this fruit is responsible for escorting for the delivery of goods, consumers can rest assured to buy.

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