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Rock candy kiwi soup
Jun 26, 2017

Kiwi fruitwithhigh nutritional value, the vitamin C content among the best in the fruit, a kiwi can provide a day more than twice the demand for vitamin C, known as the "king of fruit." Then kiwi in addition to some of your familiar regular eating can also how to eat it? Next Xiaobian for you to share the practice of sugar and sugar kiwi fruit and efficacy, take a look at it!

First of all, before we do we have to prepare kiwi about 300g, rock sugar amount.

Second, the prepared kiwi fruit washed peeled, cut into small pieces into the bowl, and then add the right amount of rock sugar, cage steam (about 20 minutes) to peach shabby.

Finally, until the rock sugar kiwi soup steamed good, remove the way to enjoy this "not the same" delicious.

Rock candy kiwi soup.png

This soup with Sheng Jin Yin, antihypertensive lipid-lowering effect, for high blood pressure, high blood lipids, coronary heart disease, throat pain, upset thirst and other illnesses. Ordinary people eat, can nourish the skin, UFA beauty.

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