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Shaanxi Meixian: Meixian kiwi, Luochuan Apple with the group into Hong Kong and Macao
Apr 22, 2017

Shaanxi fruit industry delegation into Hong Kong, Macao publicity to promote high-quality fruit in Shaanxi, "Meixian kiwi", "Luochuan Apple" with the group into Hong Kong and Macao.

The delegation visited the Hong Kong warehousing and freight forwarding company, the Hong Kong Yau Ma Tei fruit wholesale market, the Macau South Guangdong wholesale market, to understand the fruit market; visited the Macau Foundation to understand Shaanxi fruit sales in Hong Kong and Macao and consult the views of the proposed; Company, Macao Southern Guangdong company held a fruit promotion in Shaanxi, the head of the delegation Xu Zhimin introduced the development of Shaanxi fruit industry, watched Meixian kiwi, Luochuan Apple promo, Meixian Agricultural Bureau Wei Lizhong, Luochuan Fruit Industry Bureau Deputy director Wang Zhongcheng, respectively, to promote the Meixian kiwi and Luochuan apples

Participants listened to the situation, taste the Meixian kiwi and Luochuan Apple agreed that the fruit of Shaanxi delicious, sweet and delicious, and Shaanxi fruit industry cooperation showed great enthusiasm, have said they will further strengthen and Shaanxi fruit industry cooperation, so that more Shaanxi fruit into Hong Kong and Macao, so that more people can eat high-quality fruit in Shaanxi

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