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Shaanxi Qifeng fruit industry has set up 20 years to export kiwi fruit to nine countries
Jul 03, 2017

Shaanxi kiwi leading enterprises - Qi Feng fruit industry company in Meixian kiwi base held the 20th anniversary celebration party, inviting government leaders, employees, partners to review the development process, look forward to the future development ambitious.

At the party, Qi Feng fruit industry employees since the self-directed by the wonderful literary and artistic programs. International trade team to bring the sketch "new white lady legend", brain hole open the show detonated the audience; agricultural power business team to bring the creative catwalk, the devil's pace, pull the wind clothing shape, like a fashion show ... ... received by the guests.

Qi Feng fruit company founder Qi Feng in reviewing the company's development process, said Qi Feng fruit industry in 1997 involved in kiwi industry, 2017 has gone through 20 years. 20 years, they focus on kiwi industry, from product distribution to base construction, from cooperatives to agricultural enterprises, from the domestic market to export more than nine countries, witnessed the development and rise of kiwi fruit and kiwi in China.


Qi Feng said that the future of their own greatest ideals, but also the cause of life, is to enrich the heart of the Chinese kiwi fruit to the world. In the marketing side, they will be through the technical innovation, to lead and help farmers grow more quality products; in the market sales side, they will be the standard New Zealand Jia Peiqi fruit, increase brand promotion efforts, improve the supply system, do a good job sales And exports, so that more fruit growers because of kiwi and get rich.

It is understood that after 20 years of development, Qi Feng fruit industry has become a new technology of kiwi, the introduction of new varieties to promote, kiwi cultivation, kiwi technical training, kiwi acquisition storage sales, kiwi e-commerce, kiwi export and tourism agriculture as a whole Of the state-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, 2016 turnover exceeded 300 million yuan, is the largest domestic exports of kiwi fruit, kiwi fruit industry, the most complete, kiwi industry's most influential and market competitiveness of enterprises.

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