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Storage technology of kiwifruit
Sep 12, 2017

kiwi nutrient-rich, broad market, the public are very fond of. Kiwi is more resistant to storage of fruit, kiwi can be stored in the refrigerator, or placed in a cool place. But the preservation of kiwi also pay attention to the method, or the wrong preservation will make kiwi is not fresh, today to tell you about kiwi storage technology.

Kiwi storage technology:

1, the refrigerator to save: raw kiwi on the refrigerator (1-5 degrees) can be saved for a month or so, when you eat a few days ahead of time to ripen. Can eat kiwi and mature bananas, apples put together, soften after eating.

2, cool place to save: buy kiwi, it should be placed in the shade. Put the kiwi in the box or the bag, it is best not to completely sealed (if completely sealed, the next time there will be a rotten wine flavor). It is best not to put kiwi in a ventilated place, so easy to make the contents of the water loss, so hard to become harder, soft and no water.

Preservation of kiwi Note: cold, dark, boxed, are to increase the kiwifruit preservation time effective method. In addition, it should be noted that the early selection can also increase the preservation of the time.

Kiwi storage technology to introduce here, in the preservation, should first pick out the soft, the appearance of damage to kiwi fruit, or these kiwi will emit "ethylene", other kiwi "ripening" is not conducive to long-term preservation.

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