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The business of kiwi Taobao village - Xi'an modern agricultural park on Monday
Jul 25, 2017

Online shopping more and more popular, but also to the fruitful farmers have the idea of selling kiwi online. Dare to "eat crabs" of the farmers, has tasted the sweetness from the online sales. Through the electricity business platform, the county kiwi online sales of about 5,000 tons.

In the town of the town of Zhou Village, a three-story bright small foreign building on the eye-catching slogan "Chinese kiwi Taobao first village." Into the modern agricultural park on Monday, the packaging workshop in the bustling, the workers are busy picking, labeling, packing, the village of 4000 acres of kiwi most of the packaging here issued. Only Monday modern agricultural park to promote the people engaged in kiwi e-commerce more than 300 people. This year plans to build 30 Taobao shop, if by a shop 3 individuals "standard" calculation, can directly drive nearly 100 people employment. At the same time, the town started three years of planning, e-commerce sales model in 2015 to open the year; the next two to three years, the county formed two to three well-known brands, the village hit the Alibaba Group authority Taobao village.

Zhou Village has 12 villagers group, kiwi annual output of 11240 tons, the village has formed a leading enterprise command, the company + base + farmers of modern agricultural development model. Relying on kiwi industry, in 2014 the village's annual output value of 46.58 million yuan, driven storage, processing, transportation annual income of 2.1 million yuan, per capita kiwi income of about 12,000 yuan. Relying on electricity business, the current village of kiwi has been successfully entered the north wide, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other markets.

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