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The Countermeasure of Anti - kiwis in the High Temperature and Drought in the Last Summer
Aug 03, 2017

Core Tip: Remind! Continued summer heat and drought against kiwi defense measures 2017-08-02 16:19 Kiwi origin warm and humid, abundant rainfall, sunny areas (mainly mountain), its leaves

Kiwi origin warm and humid, abundant rainfall, sunny areas (mainly mountain), the leaf hypertrophy, strong transpiration, water consumption, is a neither drought and high temperature of the plant, vulnerable to high temperature hazards. Most of the areas in China show persistent high temperature and dry weather, kiwi fruit by varying degrees of high temperature and drought threat, many orchards appear dry leaves, leaves, leaves and fruit burning, fruit and other phenomena, resulting in decreased fruit quality, lower economic efficiency. Is to remind the majority of farmers to strengthen the management of high-temperature orchards to reduce losses, the specific measures are as follows:

kiwi fruits.jpg

First, timely irrigation, to ensure that soil moisture

Can not wait until noon leaves wilting when irrigation, in the morning to observe the leaves do not show moisture should be timely irrigation; irrigation to be carried out sooner or later, to avoid high temperature at noon, or prone to physiological diseases; irrigation should be drip irrigation, Irrigation measures, try to avoid flood irrigation (long-term flooding, easily lead to soil nutrient leaching and soil compaction).

Second, the trees covered with grass, to reduce excessive evaporation of water

Trees covered with 20cm thick firewood or straw, with lines between the grass, grass to 20cm or more mowing soil moisture. These measures can maintain soil moisture, reduce ground temperature, reduce evaporation, improve orchard microclimate.

Third, the orchard shade, reduce fruit trees on the burning day

The leaves have been withered burns orchards, shade can be set to shade, to prevent the leaves have more severe burns, to avoid the fruit exposed burns; fruit bagging measures can also effectively control the fruit burning, should pay attention to focus on the southwest direction , The upper part of the sun direct part of the fruit bagging; exposed fruit can be covered with grass.

Fourth, reasonable load

Overload orchards strictly remove the excess fruit, otherwise it will increase the load of tree water, all the fruit trees will be affected by water shortages, causing damage to the entire tree.

Fifth, scientific top dressing

In the growing season, the topdressing fertilizer should be taken in a small amount, and each time the topdressing amount can not be excessive. The concentration of the topdressing can not be excessive, and the concentration of the fertilizer should be too close to the main root. And the occurrence of fertilizer caused by burning trees, high temperature period, should be poured after re-application, or immediately after fertilization watering. Conditional implementation of water and fertilizer integrated fertilization technology.

Sixth, scientific drugs, anti-injury

Summer high temperature disease pest control to do pharmacy, foliar fertilizer and other reasonable with, can not arbitrarily increase the concentration, or a preparation of spraying more types of fertilizer, so as to avoid phytotoxicity. Summer spraying time should be 10 o'clock before or after 5 pm to avoid medication at high temperatures.

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