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The first historical record of kiwi
Apr 17, 2017

As early as the BC "Book of Songs" in the kiwi fruit records, Li Shizhen in the "Materia Medica" in the description of the shape of kiwi, color, said: "its shape, such as pear, its color, such as peach, and cynicus favorite food, so There is a name. "Tang Shizheng in the" card type of herbal medicine, "said: sweet acid, raw valley, rattan tree, leaf round hairy, the kiwifruit shape like duck goose big, its brown skin, the cream was sweet and edible. "This kind of acid pan-sweet, aromatic and nutritious, nutritious fruit, actually sleeping for thousands of years, human real understanding and use it but also a hundred years of history, has long been a monkey's" fairy fruit "food.

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