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The harm of kiwifruit foliage
Jun 05, 2017

Kiwi leafhopper pests are peach a little leafhopper, double pattern leafhopper, scarlet small green leafhopper, rose leafhopper, black tail leafhopper, brown shield short leaf cicadas and brown snail spoon leaf cicadas and so on. Cicadas are small. Wings, will fly. Year generation The damage to plants throughout the growing period. Cicada nymphs began to move in April, mid-June for the first insect peak, in late August for the second peak.

To 4 to 8 months for the prevention and control period. Cicadas are sucking mouthparts. Mainly harmful leaves, tender shoots, flowers, buds and young fruit. The Ministry of Victims showed pale spots, severe spotted spots into yellow and white lost green spots, the final coke death off. Cicada often spawning in the main vein of the leaf, the larvae hatched after the drift of the veins, leaving a brown gap. When the base of the insects is large, the leaves are broken.

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