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The Key Technology of Management of Kiwi in Summer
Aug 07, 2017

Summer is the kiwi fruit growth and development of critical period, but also on the burning, fat damage, phytotoxicity, high incidence of disease, especially in July and August high temperature period, should strengthen the orchard management and fruit protection.

Anti-branch dry leaves fruit on the day

In the case of high temperature, strong light and air humidity in July, the fruit, leaf and trunk local rapid water loss caused by dryness, scarring and cortex explosion, the phenomenon of exposed xylem. It will cause damage to the leaves, reduce the photosynthetic efficiency, but also cause fruit burns, reduce the quality of goods, while the daily burning plaque is easy to cause bacterial infection, due to the burning of the skin will cause the tree weakened, resulting in bacterial infection, plant premature senescence The

Prevention on the day to take precautions, to take a dynamic frame management, raw grass, healthy root replenishment, foliar spray and other comprehensive measures.

1) dynamic frame surface. Early (before August) to retain more foliage, postponement of the lifting of the threat, the timely measures to improve the surface ventilation and light conditions to ensure fruit quality.

2) Orchard grass. Between the intercropping plots, intercropping grass, grass height 30cm mowing covered trees.

3) healthy root replenishment. Seasonal irrigation in hot season. Do not make the roots deep when planting. After planting seedlings, soil Shen real, should make the seedling root neck position at the junction of yellow and yellow on the ground, even higher than the ground. Usually maintain the root distribution layer loose breath, enhance the root vitality.

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