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The legend of kiwi in the ancient
Jul 06, 2017

According to legend, the ancient, southern forest, wild fruit trees, people do not know the mountains, the tree every year 8 to 10 months, the fruit was oval, ripe yellow hair, ugly appearance, people think wild fruit poison, are contempt The One year, the mountain people accidentally found that wild fruit mature, the day before also saw the wild fruit trees, the next day but only bare towel, and the ground no wild fruit fall. People think puzzled, thinking: so many wild fruit where to go? The second year, first-class fruit ripe, the mountains day and night rotation on duty, to see what happens. One night, it was the dead of the night, in the dim moonlight, it was found: a group of old little monkeys run from all directions, have to climb the fruit trees, you grab me to pick mining wild fruit, while eating Pick, for a time to pick out the wild fruit. People have to talk about: this do not see the wild fruit, monkeys how to eat so much to the third year when the ripe fruit, the mountain people say that this wild fruit since the monkeys can eat, do not we eat? Go to pick the taste, first stripped of the peel, saw the meat color Biqing Ruyu, sent into the mouth to try, actually sweet and sour, very delicious. Then we took a large basket basket, have pick mining, shipped home. Mountain people will pick up the wild fruit, eat every day, eat every year A few years later, since eating wild fruit, the original more people are not sick, the original body weak become strong up, and the elderly and infirm also become light and longevity. So we treat this wild fruit as fairy fruit

Kiwifruit, also called “kiwis” or Chinese gooseberries (Actinidia chinensis) are a popular subtropical fruit. Kiwifruit ripen in winter – a good time for us to make use of their plentiful Vitamin C, to ward off winter colds. They are delicious eaten raw or cut into a salad and can be made into a pleasant tasting wine. Kiwifruit can be grown in most temperate climates with adequate summer heat. Male and female flowers grow on different plants, so you need to plant two kiwifruit vines near each other. Kiwifruit grow rapidly, especially if you add some all-purpose fertiliser to the soil before planting. The vines need support – a strong fence or pergola about two metres high works well. One fruiting vine is enough for a home garden.

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