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The reason of the decline of kiwifruit quality
Aug 24, 2017

Kiwi is a relatively popular fruit products, the market demand. However, with the rapid development of kiwi industry, its quality began to decline. So, what causes the quality of kiwi? Is there any way to solve the problem of kiwi quality decline?

The reason of the decline of kiwifruit quality

1. Excessive pursuit of production

Kiwi fruit trees do not have physiological fruit drop fruit, fruit fruit orchard production is generally too high, 667m2 yield an average of more than 3000kg, some Qin Mei and Xu Xiang kiwi fruit orchard up to 4000 ~ 5000kg. Fruit fruit overdose, resulting in insufficient nutrient supply, resulting in fragmentation of trees Soluble solids drop, hardness reduction, deterioration of quality, very impatient storage.

2. Fertilization unscientific

35% orchard topdressing single, only topdressing ammonium bicarbonate, urea or diammonium; 28% orchard can not be a reasonable formula balanced fertilization; 47% orchard does not attach importance to the long-term orchard, Foliar spray fertilizer, spray type, concentration, frequency, time is not scientific; 50% orchard organic fertilizer applied too late, and the number of insufficient

3. Irrigation is irrational

Kiwi nutrient growth in the early demand for moisture, while the latter will have to strictly control the irrigation. But many fruit growers in order to improve the yield before the harvest is often full of water, resulting in soil moisture is too high, the fruit dry matter is difficult to form, resulting in low sugar content, slow color, low hardness, affecting the fruit taste, Storage and shelf life.

4. Early mining phenomenon is serious

In order to loot the supply, some cold storage is often about 1 month in advance harvest, seriously affect the fruit after storage of frost resistance and storability, shorten the market shelf life

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