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The value of red kiwi fruit
Jul 04, 2017

Red Kiwi is rich in nutritional value, often eat fresh fruit on the human body health, beauty, detoxification, anti-cancer effect. Known as the "king of fruit", "Victoria C crown." In Japan called "beauty fruit, smart fruit". Rare varieties --- red kiwi red sun kiwi skin light hairless, flesh golden, heart bright red beauty. Sweet and sour taste, aroma, with melon, strawberry, citrus mixed flavor and aroma, fresh fruit in the human body must have 17 kinds of amino acids and Victoria C, B, E and potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals.

One of the best features of red kiwi is the rich content of vitamin C, 155-420mg / 100g, is 20-80 times the apple. Eat 1-2 hearts every day kiwi that can meet the body of vitamin C and trace elements of the needs. Especially the taste is better than domestic and international breeding of any kiwi varieties, kiwi is no longer "fruit", "red soft gold," said.

Red kiwi varieties are Chinese series, especially precocious (listed in early August, 40 days earlier than Hayward), 15oC at room temperature for two months, the preservation period to March the following year is still the same flavor. Red heart kiwi appearance and Haiwo special are very different, the surface of hairless; fruit core is a radial red heart pattern, like the sun, flesh green with yellow (or red); sweet taste.

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