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Those foods can not eat with kiwi
Apr 08, 2017

Kiwi can not only add the nutrients needed by the human body, including the acid can also promote the appetite, help digestion, enhance the body's immune function, improve the body's resistance to disease. More importantly, kiwi fruit juice can block the carcinogen N nitroso morpholine in the human body synthesis, to prevent the occurrence of a variety of cancer.

Kiwi and carrots

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, carrots contain a vitamin C can damage the vitamin C enzyme material. If both eat at the same time, will reduce their original nutritional value.

Crab and kiwi grams of grams

Crab contains pentavalent arsenic compounds, the original harmless to the human body, but if and rich in vitamin C kiwi eat together, the pentavalent arsenic and vitamin C meet, so that pentavalent arsenic into trivalent arsenic, that is highly toxic Arsenic. If long-term consumption, with the accumulation of toxic substances can cause cramps, nausea and other symptoms of poisoning.

Kiwi and cucumber

Cucumber contains vitamin C decomposition enzymes, this enzyme can destroy the food in the vitamin C. In order to avoid the destruction of vitamin C in kiwifruit, try not to eat these two foods at the same time.

Kiwi and animal liver can not be the same food

Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, animal liver is rich in copper, iron and other ions, these ions can make food vitamin C oxidation, thereby reducing the nutritional value.

Kiwi the best match with food, kiwi food appropriate list

Kiwi + yogurt

Both with food can promote intestinal health, to help the growth of intestinal probiotics, is conducive to the relief of constipation.

What are the health effects of kiwi?

Kiwi food cold, sweet, sour, to the kidney, stomach, with a tune in qi, antipyretic Chufan, Runzhijin, diuretic Tonglin, anti-cancer anti-cancer effect.

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