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Timely sale - kiwi fruit
Jul 19, 2017

The storage life and quality of kiwifruit are greatly influenced by the maturity of the harvest. Kiwi fruit harvest premature or late will affect the quality and flavor of the fruit, and must be through the quality of the formation period to fully mature. According to the fruit development period, when the fruit soluble solids content of 6% -7% for the harvest period, and the need for long-term storage of fruit is required to reach 7% -10%. Early mining, poor flavor. Harvest should be in the windless sunny days, rainy days, after the rain and dew dry morning are not expected to harvest. Picking time to 10:00 before the temperature is not elevated when the better. Harvest, to light, lightly, carefully shipped, to avoid bruises, stacking, the best with the classification with the classification of storage storage. Used to roses the box, baskets and other containers at the bottom of the application of soft village material for the liner, light and light, not pull the fruit pedicle, wipe the peel. After the early harvest of the fruit hard, taste astringent, must go through 7-10 days after the softening can be eaten. After ripe fruit should not be stored, to be sold in time.

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