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Too much moisture will cause kiwi rotten roots
Apr 21, 2017

Soil water content should be maintained at about 65%, if the water content of less than 65%, the soil is in a dry state, drought, root growth is slow or stop. If the soil moisture content is longer than 65%, the kiwi root water content will be saturated, the water will plug the pores of the soil, blocking the root system growth system respiration, the root cell lack of oxygen absorption, thus destroying the root cells, Resulting in the occurrence of rotten roots, serious roots all the ulcers, the whole plant died.

Where the water level is higher and low-lying areas, or soil viscosity is too heavy, coupled with poor drainage and watering too much, excessive, resulting in poor soil permeability, resulting in rotten, dead tree phenomenon.

Control measures: to prevent the more watery rot, it is necessary to rational watering, kiwi is a tall climbing vines, thin leaves, large foliage, strong respiration, water transpiration, usually its fleshy root water content In more than 80%, so the kiwi water demand is much larger than other fruit trees, it is afraid of water and water, is a weak wet fruit trees. To master in the base fertilizer, top dressing, before and after germination, fruit expansion pouring enough water to keep the ground moist, in the fruit tree to ensure the normal growth of water supply, can not be affected by drought. Annual Gregorian calendar before June, watering should be timely, in place, after June to appropriate water control, after the water can not be long in a saturated state. Watering can not flood water, to batches of water, conditional as far as possible to take sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation method is best to prevent the loss of water and fertilizer, especially after the garden to pay attention to do watering in place, drainage Smooth, to prevent waterlogging, flooding caused by water damage, resulting in rotten, dead tree phenomenon.

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