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Topdressing period of kiwi fruits
Jun 09, 2017

June mid-top dressing to phosphorus-based, swollen young fruit, full of flower bud; July to August top dressing to potassium-based, significantly increased yield, fruit color bright. Grasp the fruit of the critical period and fruit expansion period twice the best time to top dressing, when the fruit is large, high yield, the next year full of flower buds, fruit and more.


Nutrient critical period of topdressing fertilizer, the best time: early June to late June nutrient critical period that spring shoots after a long period of top dressing is a critical period, this period began to divide buds, young fruit swollen, scientific and rational top dressing, direct relationship To the number of flower buds differentiation and flower bud quality, determines the output of the coming year. This period is the most need to add phosphorus, can enrich the branches, improve leaf function, increase the leaf production of nutrient output.


The fruit was the strongest in nutrient uptake, the fastest absorption rate, the highest utilization rate of fertilizer, and the most obvious effect of increasing yield. The fruit was the highest in nutrient uptake. The According to fruit tree growth and development characteristics, this period should be mainly phosphate-potassium fertilizer, especially for potassium supplement.

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