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Treatment of Kiwi Quality
Aug 25, 2017

1. Through the grass, cover increased soil organic matter content

The whole city to implement the grass or planting green manure and ground cover: in mid and late April with straw, wheat straw, straw, sawdust and other organic matter covering the ground; in mid-May between the lines planted white clover, vetch, mung bean or ryegrass and other green manure Crops can also make full use of natural grass to control malignant weeds and retain the growth of weak thatch weeds.

2. Scientific fertilization

First of all leaves, soil testing, to determine the fertilization base; followed by organic fertilizer-based, supplemented by the principle of fertilizer. Fruit fruit orchard fertilization: First, clever facilities to promote fertilizer.

Treatment of Kiwi Quality

3. Reasonable irrigation

In the kiwi before and after germination, the soil moisture content is higher, the soil moisture enough to make the budding, strong growth of foliage, flower growers good, field water holding capacity should be maintained between 60% to 80%. In the flowering period should control the irrigation, so as not to reduce the temperature, affecting the opening of flowers.

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