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Victoria C fruit king- kiwi, yellow is more nutritious than green?
May 24, 2017

Kiwi also known as kiwi fruit, because the sweet and sour taste and rich nutritional value, has been very popular with everyone's favorite. Good for the body, but also in line with the taste of the fruit

Now in the market can buy yellow and green kiwi, but you will find the yellow to some of the more expensive. Most people will feel the more expensive the higher the nutritional value.

So the question came, Huang heart kiwi really more nutritious?

Japanese website "Women SPA" in the article mentioned that the green kiwi and gold kiwi have their own characteristics, the election which you want to add what kind of nutrients.

[Vitamin] content, the yellow kiwi fruit than green kiwi higher than 1 times faster

yellow/golden kiwi.png

If you want to beauty beauty, increase immunity, you can eat more yellow flesh kiwi fruit.

One day to eat a yellow kiwi fruit, you can take a day needed vitamin C, is indeed the "king of Victoria C" ah!

[Dietary fiber] content: The content of green kiwi is 1.5 times that of yellow kiwi

green kiwi.jpg

Dietary fiber helps to promote intestinal peristalsis, constipation must be troubled by eating green kiwi fruit

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