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what are the kiwifruits grower should do in the season of kiwi flowering
May 10, 2017

In general, experienced after the bud and sparse flower stage, the long out of kiwi are very uniform, but also look good. But the buds and sparse flower workload is relatively large, even after two removal operations, or will be missing individual deformed fruit and small fruit, fruit. So still have to do a thinning operations! The missing deformed fruit, sick fruit, small fruit removal, to ensure that the future will be out of every kiwi are both good and delicious fruit.


And then look at the whole bud, sparse flowers, thinning process, the more detailed to do the bud, the back of the work will be less, the loss of nutrition in terms of fruit trees will be less and less. So this is what we spent nearly half a month to carry out the bud job, because the orchard scaffolding is 2 meters high, and some workers come to work in the height of 1.5-1.7 meters, so these workers are often working Need to foot on the stool or other things to carry out the operation of the bud.

Although the workers need to walk on the stool, although each pick a flower buds means to take off a kiwi, which seems to be a work that is to reduce the production of things, but for us to do this thing major. Because this thing is not only conducive to the long-term growth of fruit trees, the future fruit is big and delicious. Therefore, regardless of our kiwi planting base in terms of, or for consumers, is a win-win thing!

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