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What climate and geographical location are suitable for kiwi cultivation
May 13, 2017

in recent years, many fruit farmers in southern China have introduced kiwi fruit, but the success is very little, what causes it? The following combination of our long-term cultivation experience to talk a little bit of view, the impact of kiwi fruit cultivation of several key factors , To share the common reference.


the rootstock is improperly chosen. Kiwi must be grafted, with cutting seedlings or seedling is absolutely not work, the reason would not have talked about. Grafting involves a rootstock selection problem. Not what the rootstocks can be grafted, this is a lot of people who buy seedling fooled a reason. An important principle is that the wild Chinese kiwi rootstock and delicious kiwi graft affinity is not good, but because the wild Chinese kiwi rootstock grafting survival rate is very high, so many seedlings owners all use wild Chinese kiwi fruit as the rootstock graft. Resulting in the future growth of weak trees, low yield, poor resistance.



 pollination varieties with improper. In the cultivation and management of kiwi fruit, the correct cultivation of pollinating trees is a very critical part of the success or failure, but often overlooked. Kiwi for the male and female fruit trees, planting, should choose to configure the corresponding male pollinated varieties, male varieties should have the following conditions: 

(1) flow consistent. Different varieties of male plants, flowering period of great differences, such as male and female varieties between the flowering period is inconsistent, it will affect the pollination fertilization, thus affecting the yield. Therefore, the consistency of flowering is the primary condition for selecting male plants. Generally require male varieties of flowering than the female varieties of flowering early 1-2 days, if the flowering is longer is more ideal.

 (2) pollination effect is good. Experimental studies have shown that the pollination of the same female breeds with different varieties of male pollen, fruit shape, weight and quality are very different, especially the fruit shape and weight. Therefore, under the premise of consistent flowering, but also for different varieties of female varieties choose the appropriate pollination effect of good male varieties. Such as Huayou configuration 602 and 603 the best effect, E kiwi 2 configuration Jinxiong No. 1 the best, Haywald configuration M56 best, E kiwi 3 configuration Jinxiong No. 2 the best, we can see, in the configuration pollination tree When, can not be casually selected.

 (3) strong growth potential, large amount of flowers, pollen and more vitality. The study of male plants showed that there were significant differences in growth potential, number of flowers, pollen amount and pollen viability among different male cultivars. In the selection of male varieties, to spend the same flow, pollination effect on the basis of the above several aspects of choice to improve the utilization of male pollination strains. 

(4) the proportion of male plants. In order to increase the fruit and improve the quality of fruit, kiwi female and male plant configuration ratio is best to use 5: 1 configuration ratio. (

5) separate note. Because the kiwi is the wind and insects, flowers in the flowering period of the main year mainly by insects (especially bees) pollination, but its female, male nectaries are not developed, the attractiveness of the bee than the nectar tree species (Such as citrus orchards), windbreaks and flowers, etc., the bees will be exposed and affect the pollination of kiwi fruit. In this case, one should be selected in the construction site to avoid, two to increase the male ratio of the appropriate. 

(6) If the pollination of male plants improperly arranged, or natural pollination affected, we must do a good job of artificial pollination. Before pollination need to do a good job of "flower", "stripping flower core", "sun pollen" and other preparatory work. In mid-May, pollination, with a self-made pollination tool - a wrapped around the sticks, sticking from the male flowers on the flowers picked down, facing each female flower flower "point" look, they completed The whole pollination process.

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