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What climate and geographical location are suitable for kiwi cultivation(2)
May 15, 2017


the climate is not appropriate. Kiwi although a wide range of suitable health, but not what can be kind of place. Heping County, Guangdong Province, is the southernmost part of China's kiwifruit suitable planting area, the northern Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Zhouzhi County is the most northern of China kiwi appropriate planting area. That is suitable for cultivation of kiwi area in China's latitude 24 ° --- latitude 34 ° area. The natural conditions in this area are as follows: annual average temperature of 10 ~ 18 ℃; frost-free period of 160 to 24 days; extreme maximum temperature does not exceed 43 ℃, extreme minimum temperature of not less than -16 ℃; ≥ 10 ℃ effective accumulated temperature of 4500 ~ 5200 ℃; the daily average temperature of not less than 8 ℃; annual sunshine hours 1300 ~ 2600 hours; early winter without rapid cold, so that the temperature suddenly dropped below -12 ℃. This climatic condition is very suitable for kiwi grown cultivation.



the rainfall is not enough. Kiwi fruit demand is much more than other fruit trees, the drought resistance is poor, so cultivated kiwi area of its rainfall must be more than 800 mm, and encountered a dry year but also do a good job of artificial irrigation. On the one hand, kiwi roots are fleshy roots, their own penetration is weak, the root distribution is very shallow, and the backbone of the root less, lateral roots are not developed, so that the root of the water absorption capacity is very small; the other hand, kiwi fruit leaf growth, leaves Thin and large, thin stratum corneum, and leaf pores are often open, roots, stems xylem of the catheter are more coarse, so that the amount of leaf transpiration is very large. It can be seen, kiwi is very resistant to drought, dry and rainy areas do not develop. But also pay attention to do irrigation work.



the soil is not good. Kiwi fruit on the soil than the strict requirements, must be loose in soil, good permeability, rich organic matter, low groundwater level sandy loam, loam cultivation. On the one hand, kiwi roots are fleshy roots, their own penetration is weak, the soil must be loose this fleshy root may be more deep, extended far, otherwise the root is not extended, always so little root , In the absorption of water nutrients will be subject to great restrictions, the normal growth of kiwi fruit, flowering results will be greatly affected; the other hand, although kiwi like moist, but also very afraid of flooding, waterlogging weak

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