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what is the characteristics of green kiwi and yellow kiwi
Jun 23, 2017

Kiwi taste sweet and sour, supple and juicy, and nutrient-rich, by people's favorite, known as the "King of Victoria C"

We often buy kiwi have yellow heart kiwi, mainly Jin Tao and Jin Yan two kinds of green kiwi, mainly Xu Xiang and Hayward two, under normal circumstances, the yellow heart than the green heart of some kiwi, Does that mean that the yellow heart kiwi is better than the green heart kiwi?

After experimental study shows that the yellow heart kiwi vitamin C content than green heart kiwi almost doubled, in addition, the yellow heart kiwi calcium content is relatively high, in addition, also contains other fruits are relatively rare nutrients - - folic acid, lutein, natural inositol and other ingredients. Which folic acid is very good for pregnant women, and is natural, can enhance immunity, so that pregnant women can be appropriate to eat some yellow heart kiwi; of course, other people can eat, not only good taste, and nutrient-rich.

green fruits.jpgyellow golden fruits.jpg

So, what is the characteristics of green kiwi it?

Green heart Kiwi dietary fiber content is very high, is 1.5 times the heart of kiwi fruit. We all know that dietary fiber helps to promote intestinal peristalsis, so there are constipation troubled friends must eat more green kiwi Oh!

Now, yellow heart kiwi or green heart kiwi, you will choose who? 

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