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What is the prospect of red kiwifruit cultivation and analysis?
Aug 23, 2017

Red kiwi fruit, is a edible and medicinal as one of the fruit, is a good calcium in the elderly, nutrient-rich. So because of such a public like the intensity, more and more farmers friends began to grow this crop. So in the end the heart of kiwi cultivation prospects?

Heart Kiwi cultivation prospects analysis:

1, every 667 square meters (1 acres) to be prepared, ditch (hole) and burial costs such as 600 to 700 yuan.

2, buried fertilizer. Every 667 square meters to buy pigs, dung and cakes and other costs 600 to 700 yuan.

3, grafted seedlings. Every 667 square meters planted about 200, each unit price of 9 yuan, to be 1,800 yuan.

4, scaffolding. T-type frame: every 667 square meters about steel, cement column 60 (no can also be replaced with stakes), each cost 18 yuan, a total of 1080 yuan; every 667 square meters galvanized steel wire 150 kg, The A total investment of about 4500 yuan / mu.

Technology in place after the annual production of 4000-8000 pounds, according to the wholesale price in 2014 a few pounds a few pounds, less than one-year investment income, remove the cost of labor and management, how can such a high return on investment Project, but the technology is the key, many of the online technology is the lack of practice of the theory, you think the reason why the fruit is so expensive, because most people are unsuccessful.

Red heart kiwi seedlings of the product features:

Variety of pure, excellent quality, effective buds more than 3, the other specifications are available, you can buy. After planting fry every year, the current best-selling domestic and foreign markets, recycling costs quickly. Red kiwi kiwi fruit is kiwi fruit in the fruit, the fruit is particularly good taste, the internal red heart radial. Cangxi County is the promotion of local special products. Is a good variety of fortune. The varieties of high yield is also particularly good, to the rich yield per acre can produce kiwi fruit 4000-8000 pounds, the fruit cold storage, can store 4-6 months.

Red kiwi seedlings of the product use:

Fruit deep processing can produce kiwi wine, kiwi dry, kiwi fruit juice, kiwi drinks, so has a broad market prospects. Every year the market in short supply, is a lot of investors optimistic about the product.

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