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Xu Xiang kiwi the most competitive market of kiwi varieties of the world
Sep 06, 2017

In the Meixian Qifeng fruit industry, so that the interview group is novelty is here the characteristics of "red heart" kiwi, after tasting, the reporter found that the taste slightly more than ordinary kiwi some, compared to ordinary kiwi also slightly harder to observe the appearance, "Heart" kiwi appearance is more smooth, less common kiwi outer ring of the villi. According to Qi Feng fruit industry deputy general manager Li Xiaomin told reporters: "Xu Xiang, Hayward, Cuixiang as the representative of the green meat kiwi series to red sun, umbilical red, Chu red as the representative of the red meat kiwi series to China Excellent, Jin Yan, early gold as the representative of the yellow meat kiwi series are our Meixian kiwi varieties, in particular, Xu Xiang kiwi fruit with citrus, strawberry, melon, pineapple and other fruit mixed flavor, strong flavor, sweet and sour Following the Hayward after the most competitive market of kiwi varieties of the world.

    Reporters learned that, with the current "Internet +" trend, Meixian kiwi in the electricity business has also introduced Alibaba, home worry, Jingdong and a number of well-known domestic business enterprises, built Alibaba rural Taobao Meixian operation Center, Meixian characteristics of products exhibition, Meixian Internet Technology Industrial Park and village-level Taobao service station 71; cultivate the development of kiwi electric business enterprises 41, express logistics enterprises 35, in the days of cat, Taobao and other network platform registered shop 300 Many, micro-electricity business households up to more than 1,000 households. 2016 the county through e-commerce sales of kiwi nearly 10 million tons, accounting for more than 20% of the county's total output, sales peak turnover of more than 100,000 single. The county formed a "national kiwi fruit wholesale market to lead, to cooperatives (enterprises) as a link to the base (farmers) as the basis, to the standardization of production as the" set production, storage, processing and sales as one of the complete industry chain

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