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Zhouzhi build a unique town which Is the kiwi industry as the core
May 19, 2017

there is a good news from Zhouzhi which Known for kiwi planted, the county will be in the town of Luo Yu to create a kiwifruit industry as the core characteristics of the town. According to Zhou Xueliang, deputy mayor of Zhouzhi County, the county government and Xi'an warm spring bay health limited liability company officially signed a kiwi town and organic kiwi demonstration project, marking the warm spring Bay organic kiwi international health town officially into the real Sexual start phase. Organic kiwi international health town project investment total size of 3.3 billion yuan, plans to complete within 5 years, organic kiwi fruit industry demonstration project investment scale of about 390 million yuan, plans to complete within 2 years. After the completion of the project, the estimated annual output value of about 15.845 billion yuan, the annual tax revenue of about 1.109 billion yuan, about 6.48 million tourists received, about 300 new gathering enterprises, new gathering of about 2,500 senior personnel, new jobs about 21 Million. Which kiwi fruit industry annual output value of about 12.545 billion yuan, Pan tourism industry annual output value of about 3.3 billion.

As the "China kiwi town", "kiwi standardized management model county" and "fruit industry in Shaanxi Province County", 2007 "Zhou to kiwi" by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, as a national geographical indication protection products. Shaanxi Provincial Economic and Cultural Research Association, said Zhang Baotong, kiwi is Zhou Qixian characteristics of the industry, with small kiwi leveraging characteristics of the town to build this big industry, the kiwi economy and tourism industry, leisure industry organic combination of the economy Development and ecological protection harmonious symbiosis, for the characteristics of economic development has set a good model, with a certain demonstration and driving significance.

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