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Zhouzhi kiwi will start selling next week
Sep 07, 2017

Golden fruit fragrance season, "peach" mature. China Business News reporter was informed that in 2017 Xi'an Zhouzhi kiwi theme annual meeting and week to kiwi regional public brand conference will be held on September 16 in the week to the floor view held.

Will be the week to kiwi regional public brand release, the results of industrial development, China Aerospace Kiwi Breeding Center award, the outstanding contribution to the development of industry awards, kiwi photography contest works show, as well as base visits and straight start ceremony.

It is reported that as the country's largest kiwifruit production base, the current week to kiwi planted area of 42 million mu, of which 36 million mu of fruit area. Fruit ripening the main indicators of soluble solid determination, this week to kiwi fruit in mid-September focus on mature listing, the total output is expected to reach 520,000 tons, the output value of more than 3.2 billion.

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