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Production Market
Recently we has exported to Russia, Malaysia,Taiwan,Dubai,Philippin and many other countries. It could provide both golden kiwis and green kiwis. We are looking for a big company who could cooperate with us in a long term.

Our service

Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry Co.,Ltd is the biggest kiwi grower in China, it could supply fresh kiwi from October to next May.
Domestic Professional Fresh Fruits Supply Chain Service Provider From The Place of Origin. Aiming at offering solution project for supplying fruit from the place of origin for more E-commerce and supermarket customers

Qifeng Fruit have Organic Kiwi Planting Base as large as over 500 Acres

Qifeng Fruit have Organic Kiwi Planting Base as large as over 500 Acres, invited Professor Zhang Youping from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University to regularly instruct Selenium Rich Kiwi Planting, Qifeng built 126 Controlled Atmosphere Fresh Keeping Storages with capacity of 20,000 Tons, owning more than 7,000 M2 standard exportation packaging workshop. In 2013, Qifeng Fruit brought in a French Mav Full Automatic Kiwi Sorting Production Line with daily capacity of 300 Tons and yearly throughput of more than 20,000 Tons with sales over RMB 200,000,000,000 Yuan. 

Qifeng Fruit presently own two Kiwi Trademarks: QIFENG YUAN and QIFENG KIWI, serve in Beijing Xinfadi Fruit wholesale market, Zhejiang Fruit wholesale Market, Shanghai Pudong Fruit Wholesale Market, Shanghai Nongwu Lu Fruit Wholesale Market and Nanjing Fruit wholesale Market with fresh keeping storage, meanwhile, We set 8 direct Qifeng Fruit Experience Store in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Mei County, selling by one card system.

Qifeng comercial (China market)

the qifeng kiwis are characterized by its excellent quality and tease.

Our commitment is to deliver top-quality fruit to the world, including our own country. Therefore, it is very important for us to develop Qifeng Comercial to handle our fruit in the China market, supplying supermarkets, wholesale customers.

Our headquarters are in Meixian county,Baoji City, Shaanxi province, where we also have a process plant devoted exclusively to Qifeng kiwi’s commercial operations. This has enabled us to stand out in the competitive local market, providing it with excellent quality fruit.

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