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2017 Meixian Study Tours First Stop - Qi Feng Fruit
Apr 20, 2017

March 10, 2017 Baoji study tour start ceremony held in the county state (Meixian) kiwi wholesale market exhibition center. City and county leaders, the county tourism director, the province and outside the scenic area, 150 travel agencies, the mainstream news media, Baoji Tourism Association member units, 500 students from Xi'an and county party and government organs leading cadres, a total of more than 850 people to participate in the launching ceremony,The Municipal Tourism Bureau Director Chen Xiaoping presided over the launching ceremony.

qifneg fruitqifeng kiwi fruit

After the start of the ceremony, 500 research students also went to Meixian national kiwi standard production line and packaging workshop, Weihe Huashu forest water culture theme park, Weihe Barry Gallery, Taibai Mountain Nongfu spring factory, Huaixiang strawberry manor, Zhang Zai Shrine, Shang jing Hot Springs and other places to visit and experience.

qifeng kiwifruitqifeng kiwifruit

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