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2018 National Distributor Conference Of Qifeng Fruit Industry Was Successfully Held
Jun 25, 2018

June 22 - June 24, to "Strive for new and long-term development, and create a future together"  as the theme of the national distributor convention of qifeng fruit industry in 2018 held in Meixian county, the conference brings more than 60 dealers higher-ups, fruit industry from all over the country together , to discuss China kiwi fruit industry development in the future.

Qifeng fruit industry staff welcome the arrival of the national distributor


New strategy, new direction, promote qifeng kiwi fruit market leap

At the meeting, general manager qi feng proposed a strategy and six new directions.The past year has been a great year for qifeng fruit sales, he said,but the potential of the kiwi market remains to be tapped.As a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, qifeng fruit industry has cultivated kiwi fruit industry for 21 years, focusing on one thing.Now, the promotion product force is qifeng core strategy for the future development of fruit industry, the direction of the six new exploration, will drive the qifeng fruit industry development of new technology, new varieties, new model and new brand, new channel and new retail.It is believed that the future qifeng fruit industry will certainly promote another revolution in the kiwi fruit industry chain and promote the leap of qifeng kiwi fruit market.

General manager of qifeng explained the development strategy of qifeng fruit industry


Secretary of the national kiwi fruit industrial park


Mr. Zhu yongli, the founder of the wanguo Asian fruits association, made a speech


Mr. Guo chenglin, chairman of the strategic transformation institute of shangyu consulting in Beijing, delivered a speech.


Qifeng kiwi fruit distributor model performance excellent in the last year

Mr.Qifeng leads dealers to visit qifeng kiwi fruit standardized planting demonstration park


Mr. Qizhe, sales director of Qifeng fruit industry made a speech

The sales director Mr.Qizhe said that behind the Numbers, in addition to consumers' health, delicious good fruit increased, also cannot leave the qifeng fruit dealers of the country's efforts.The market demand is still growing. In 2018, the storage capacity of qifeng fruit industry increased from 20,000 tons to 50,000 tons, and an eight-channel French sorting line was added, doubling the production capacity.The distributor mode of qifeng fruit industry is a win-win mode, which will make more profits to the dealers in the future. I hope you can keep up with the development pace of qifeng fruit industry and create new achievements! 


Fruit industry winter, huddle warm, win-win future

More than 60 distributors attending the meeting, which account for half of China's fruit industry, decide what Chinese people eat.They agreed on the matter at the meeting: the whole fruit industry come into the winter, business is difficult to do, where is the direction of the fruit market in future?The future of the fruit industry lies in the deep cooperation between the two ends of production and marketing and the road of branded fruit.The attempt of exclusive distributor model is very successful. It is the consensus between qifeng fruit industry and dealers to win a win-win. In the future, qifeng fruit industry will continue to develop the exclusive distributor model.Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the fruit market, we will develop in groups and create a better future together.

The distributors visited the standardized production workshop of qifeng fruit industry


This distributor conference, after the comprehensive understanding of the company's strength and strategic planning qifeng fruit industry, all dealers confidence doubled.At the end of the meeting, more than 60 dealers and qifeng fruit industry signed the purchase plan for 2018-2019, and jointly reached the order of 100 million yuan.

General manager of qifeng fruit industry and director of qifeng fruit industry award for outstanding dealers

Qifeng kiwi fruit dealer purchase plan signing ceremony in 2018


After a day of travel, qifeng citrus invites all dealers to the taibai mountain national AAAAA level scenic spot and famen temple tourism, appreciate the magic of "the white snow in June day, feeling qifeng kiwi fruit unique growing environment and cultural charm.

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