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2018 T-mall Annual Goods Festival, Qifeng Fruit Industry Has Won The Farmer's Light Excellence Award
Jan 19, 2018


Qifeng fruit industry was invited by alibaba to participate in the 2018 T-mall annual goods festival.

On January 18, 2018, qifeng fruit industry was invited to participate in the 2018 T-mall annual goods meeting to guide the upgrading of the dining table to the mission, focusing on the changing trend of table scene and opening up the new situation in 2018.The team has a large number of participants, and qifeng kiwi fruit has won unanimous praise from the audience and purchasers for its charm.Being invited into alibaba is an important witness to the growing e-commerce of qifeng fruit industry.At the same time, qifeng fruit industry "qifeng yuan" brand won the "peasant light" excellence award.


Among CBN Data statistics report, we can see that consumers pay more attention to supplement vitamin, kiwi fruit vitamin C content is the highest among the fruit, Sales have increased rapidly in recent years, and the year-on-year increase in consumption between 2015 and 2017 is considerable.Qifeng kiwi fruit produced in shaanxi province,relies on north qinling unique soil, water, gas, light, temperature and other natural conditions, which is very suitable for the growth of the kiwi fruit, make qifeng kiwi fruit delicate flesh, sweet and sour and refreshing, has become the darling of the consumer.Meeting Internet consumers' pursuit of "fresher, more natural, more nutritious".

Qifeng fruit industry started e-commerce in 2013, and through unremitting efforts, it has opened the whole network distribution channel, finally achieved the PC Internet, and the mobile Internet full network spread goods.On double-11 2017, the sales of kiwifruit single products reached 8.5 million, and the sales target of e-commerce in 2017-2018 was 200 million.


Broadcast in December 2017,the food big wheel TV program, qifeng kiwi fruit PK New Zealand kiwi fruit on scene, In addition, the company has signed an order of 12 million yuan with T-mall fresh, fruit fresh and Mr. Hema fresh, and qifeng,founder of qifeng kiwi fruit industry brand, has also won the "national food star".


Qifeng e-commerce company relies on the national (Meixian) kiwifruit industry park,And 18 qi feng national wholesale markets, the establishment of a mature logistics system, has now opened sichuan warehouse,guangzhou warehouse,and guangxi warehouse,etc.Fast logistics transportation has been made to key cities and regions in China.Based on the storage group of the industrial park, the project is gradually built into the largest agricultural logistics distribution center in northwest China.In August 2017, qifeng fruit e-commerce company was rated as "national e-commerce demonstration enterprise".With the rapid development of domestic fresh fruit e-commerce,Qifeng Fruit origin warehouse have met the specialized producing area, Smart supply chain solutions,From the front end to the back end,High efficiency ensures that the freshest kiwi fruit is delivered to the consumer's table.

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