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Beautiful QiFeng Fruit Qinling Ecological Farm
May 01, 2017


The project relies on the natural snow and natural fresh air of the Taibai Mountain. The high quality soil is built into the base of kiwi seedlings in Shaanxi Province, and gradually build a sightseeing demonstration garden integrating leisure, sightseeing, farming and experience. Tourism, driving the surrounding areas of farmers to increase income.

Qinling ecological farm project plans a total investment of 23 million yuan, plans to be completed by June 2017, the project is divided into eco-agricultural area, poultry breeding area, leisure and tourism area, experience farming area.

1.Ecological agriculture area

A.Planting 200 acres of summer black grapes,set aside visitors picking channel, unified cultivation 
and management by the cooperative;
B.Planting modern facilities Cherry 100 acres, listed every year from March to May;
C.Planting organic Xuxiang kiwifruit, organic red sun kiwi 450 acres, all the use of organic 
eight key technology cultivation;
D.Economic crop cultivation: planting walnut trees, persimmon, pomegranate tree, kiwi fruit, you 
can choose the tree you want, hanging and marking your own name, fruit can be picked after any
mature, add to enjoy the fun.
2. poultry farming area
For the development of three-dimensional animal breeding, the use of part of the ramp construction
fence, mountain farming, the use of open mountain to take captive and backyard combination of
breeding methods of chicken, pigs, sheep, rabbits, cattle, so that tourists sightseeing, And can
 be slaughtered, taste delicious or take away and other entertaining. 
3.leisure sightseeing area
 Make full use of the 24,000 square meters of the pond area around the surrounding area, the
  establishment of fishing areas, cabins and tourist attractions, so that visitors can leisure
   and entertainment, increase self-help recreation.
4.experience the farming area
To rent at least 1 per household for the unit, you can grow your favorite vegetables, fruits, 
experience the hardships of cultivation and happiness, harvest their own fruit to personally


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