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Can Hard Kiwi Eat?
Apr 05, 2017

Kiwi and a lot of fruit, once soft and mature, one or two days will be soft rotten. Therefore, consumers buy kiwi, generally have to choose the whole in a hard state of the fruit. To pay close attention to whether there is mechanical damage to the fruit, there are small pieces of bumps, there are soft spots, there are broken, can not buy. Because as long as there is a little damage, the wound will quickly become soft, and then sour, and even festering, so that the whole fruit before the normal maturity softened, seriously affecting the quality of kiwi edible.

However, the hard state of kiwi is not delicious. Sugar is very low, fruit sour, but also people feel piercing mouth. Because it contains a lot of protease, will break up the tongue and oral mucosal protein, causing discomfort.

Therefore, kiwi must be cooked to eat. Kiwi matures take a few days, many impatient people often can not wait. If you want it to mature quickly, may wish to kiwi and ripe other fruit together. In this way, apples, bananas, tomatoes and other fruits emit natural ripening gas "ethylene", it will infect kiwi, to promote it become soft and sweet

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