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The 15th China (manzhouli) North International Science And Technology Exposition
Jul 06, 2018


July 6-8, qifeng fruit industry as a key department of shaanxi province invite enterprises, by the ministry of science and technology, Chinese academy of engineering, Inner Mongolia autonomous region people's government, the Mongolian cultural sports ministry of science and technology education, Russia buli yate republic government, after the Russian baikal region government hosted the 15th China (manchuria) northern international science and technology exposition, qifeng kiwi fruit widely popular with the local residents and high praise.


Manzhouli is located at the border of China, Russia and Mongolia. It is reputed as the "window of east Asia".This exhibition has attracted the participation of scientific research institutions and enterprises from more than ten countries including China, Russia, Mongolia, Malaysia and Thailand.This is an important opportunity for qifeng fruit industry to introduce qifeng kiwi products and brands.


At the exhibition, qifeng fruit industry also made many fruit exhibitors and new customers at home and abroad. 

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