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China's First Batch Of Red Kiwi – Pingbian County Red Kiwi Fruit On The Market
Jul 31, 2018

On July 28th, Alibaba group and Shaanxi Qifeng Fruit Industry jointly launched the "first launch ceremony of the red kiwi fruit in Yunnan - Pingbian county".More than 200 people attended the launch ceremony, including the leaders of Honghe state commerce bureau, the people's government of Pingbian county, and the leaders of Alibaba T-mall fresh and Qifeng fruit industry, as well as local e-commerce, wechat business, express delivery workers and 30 representatives of Meixian fruit farmers.


Pingbian county, lociated in southern Yunnan province, “low latitude” makes Pingbian red kiwifruit 30 days ahead of the main production aera of China’s red kiwifruit Sichuan Province, which makes it the first batch of red kiwifruit in the domestic market.


“Better Ecology, Better Fruit.” Pingbian county belongs to Yungui plateau, with "low latitude, high altitude, large temperature difference and sufficient rainfall", "Chinese red kiwifruit" was introduced from Sichuan in 2006. After 12 years of trial planting, breeding and promotion, it has developed into a local characteristic industry. Pingbian county kiwifruit, with unique advantages of preferential marketing, high quality, high soluble solids (up to more than 20%), pulp sweet and fresh, rich of fruit flavor.


With 21 years of experience in purchasing, sorting and packaging kiwifruit and years of experience in e-commerce sales, Qifeng Fruit Industry also hopes that T-mall's "Qifengyuan flagship store" will deliver the red kiwi fruit to consumers within 72 hours. From 10:00 am. on August 2nd to 9:00 am. on August 5th, the "Qifengyuan flagship store" will sell the red kiwi fruit in Pingbian county at the special activity of juhuasuan.com "tasting Yunnan".If you want to buy the first batch of Chinese red kiwifruit, don't miss it!


As the organizer of this activity, Qifeng Fruit Industry has been deeply cultivated in the kiwifruit industry for 21 years and has developed into the leader of China's entire industrial chain of kiwi fruit. Their products include green kiwifruit, red kiwifruit, and golden kiwifruit. The cooperation between Qifeng Fruit Industry and Yunnan Pingbian county will make Qifeng’s red kiwifruit ahead of time to market, at the same time, Qifeng fruit industry will increase investment, providing professional technical guidance to growers of Pingbian county, and equipped with standardized agricultural materials farming fertilizer, helping kiwi growers to boost kiwi fruit yield and quality, Rising incomes, So as to promote the Pingbian county kiwifruit industry upgrading and development.

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