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The 7th Kiwifruit Conference Highlights, Internet Conference Unveiled, Full Of Limelight
Sep 18, 2018

The 7th Kiwifruit Conference HighlightsInternet conference unveiled, full of limelight

On September 19-21, the 7th China·Shaanxi (Meixian County) Kiwifruit Industry Development Conference and the first Baoji Harvesting Festival of Baoji will be held at the national (Meixian) Kiwifruit Industrial Park with the theme of “Fruit harvest and farmer richer,Revitalize the countryside”. The kiwifruit industry event has been held until the seventh session. With the gradual expansion of the conference, the annual form of activities is also constantly innovating, and this year's highlights are also full.


(Opening Ceremony of the 6th World Kiwi Conference)


Highlight 1: China Kiwi Internet Conference - Qifeng Fruit Industry and Alibaba promote the completion of the first Internet session

Time: September 20th, 14:00-17:00


(The 6th World Kiwifruit Conference Industry is gathering in Meixian County)


Compared with previous conferences, this year's Kiwifruit Conference has added a new point of view this year – the China Kiwifruit Internet Conference. The conference was held in two parts, online and offline. Online: Qifeng Fruit Industry and Alibaba E-commerce Platform opened the purchase channel of Meixian Kiwifruit, and increased the Meixian Kiwi brand display page on a large scale to increase the exposure of the brand. Offline: The conference site will pay close attention to the innovation of sales promotion channels in the retail sector of kiwifruit, and strive to build an Internet technology forum. Experts in the Internet field, representatives of e-commerce companies, and merchants gathered in Meixian County. This summit forum should not be missed.

Highlight 2: China Kiwifruit Deep Processing Forum - Industry experts gather to discuss the prospects of deep processing of kiwifruit and promote the increase of fruit farmers

Time: September 20th, 14:00-17:00


(Participating guests took a group photo in front of Qifeng Fruit Industry booth)

Highlight 3: Meixian County Farmers Harvest Festival and Kiwifruit Picking Experience - invite you to enjoy the harvest

Time: September 20th, 9:30-11:30


(Participating in the visit to the Kiwifruit Demonstration Park)

Highlight 4: China Kiwifruit Export Trade Forum - Qifeng Fruit Industry leads the kiwifruit industry chain to upgrade its export market

Time: September 21, 8:30-11:00


(Participating guests taste Qifeng kiwi)

The hometown of the world kiwifruit is in China, and the eugenic area of Chinese kiwifruit is in Meixian. Meixian County has a million-mu kiwifruit industrial belt in the northern part of Qinling Mountain. After the standardized planting of Qifeng Fruit Industry, the quality of kiwifruit has been greatly improved. Every year, high-quality kiwifruit is transported all over the world, and the export business is flourishing. The Kiwifruit Export Trade Forum invited the leaders of the Meixian County Government. Representatives of all enterprises and all fruit farmers discussed the export status of kiwifruit in Meixian County. How to adjust the status so as to better cope with the development of export business, how to solve the problem of export in the field of international import and export, I believe that this kiwifruit export trade forum will solve the doubts for you.


The 6th World Kiwifruit Conference Qifeng Fruit Industry Signing Ceremony)

The industry's big coffee is gathering in Meixian County, and hundreds of companies are participating in it. The unprecedented kiwifruit industry feast is not to be missed.


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