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Cornell University Professor Come For CA Storage Technical Guidance
May 03, 2017

kiwi fruit

Professor Chris from Cornell University come to our company for CA storage technical guidance,and we have a good time here,he gave some advice about 'CA storage checklist A guide to successful controlled atmosphere storage(by james Schaefer)' are as follows:

kiwi fruit

before start of season

1.   instruct all new employees regarding the dangers involved with CA storage rooms.

2.   Check all gas sampling lines for leaks.

3.   Check all temperature probes for accuracy.

4.  Check portable analyzers for proper operation:21.0% O₂ with outside air,zero span with calibration gas bottle,which should also be checked at the main system.

5.   Check stores are leak-tight and pass the recommended pressure tests.

6.   Check scrubbers for leakage and correct operation,including all electric valves and analyzers.

7.   Check and/or change filters&oil on permeas.

During loding

1.   check the fruit mineral analysis is acceptable(especially for long-term storage).

2.   Check chemical drenches are made up to the correct concentrations.

3.   Check that the store is loaded uniformly and the store is full.

4.   Check the temperature probes are in fruit bins and evenly placed throughout the store.

5.   Place probe 4 in the middle of the room/bin stacks&core probe in apple by the door.

6.   Place glass of water by the door as a failsafe for freezing temperature check.

7.   Confirm core temperature is below 40 before starting pulldown of oxygen.

8.   Load bins into room with proper spacing for airflow and obtain CA conditions as rapidly as possible or per samartfresh TM recommendations.

After sealing

1.   know the CO₂ level recommended for the fruit inside(CO₂ will increase rapidly overnight with door closed)

2.   measure and record gas and temperatures twice a day immediately after sealing.

3.   Check analyzers with fresh air.

4.   Calibrate analyzers with test every week.

5.   Take independent gas readings with portable analyzer directly from the store at weekly intervals.if difference greater than 0.2% put fans on high speed for 2HRS,recalibrate analyzers and check again.if error still present ask for service.

6.   Inspect samples of fruit from the store on a regular basis.

7.   If store O₂ less than 1.6% check fruit samples for alcohol at monthly intervals.

8.   Run evaporator fans continuously for first 40 days,then fan cycle.

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